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Adult Martial Arts


The Senshi Tori Martial Arts and Senshi Tori Combative Jujutsu system will give the student the tools needed to defend themselves against an attacker or group of attackers. Striking, locking, joint manipulation, self defense, and the mental discipline to overcome physical assualt is the basis of this program.This program is only offered on a one on one private lesson, private group, or seminar level. Contact us for more information. 

Adult Boxing


This program is for students ages 16-99yrs old. If you are or have ever been interested in the sport of boxing for the purpose to compete, defend yourself, or challenge your character then this is the program for you. From beginner to the advance practitioner our program will give you the tools and the opportunity to fine tune your knowledge and skill set to compete at the amatuer or pro level. A great workout nonetheless but this program is for the serious minded focused individuals who want to challenge themselves.


"I’ve been watching the sport of boxing religiously for about two years and Hudson Valley Martial Arts and Boxing Academy turned out to be the best place for me to learn the craft of boxing. My experience training at the gym has been excellent, it’s a great atmosphere for learning and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning how to box or wants to get in shape."

D. Cambronne

Rockland County

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