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Children's Martial Arts


This program is geared toward children and adolescents between the ages of 7-13 yrs old. Students learn the Senshi Tori System of Martial Arts. Isshin Ryu Karate, Judo, Boxing, Kickcboxing, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, and entry level Japanese Jujutsu techniques are the base of Senshi Tori Martial Arts. Students are required to wear a traditional martial arts uniform (gi) and the academy tee shirt. Students may take part in 1 class per week and up to 3 classes which would comprise the whole curriculum. A student's progression is tracked by a traditional belt system in which they must learn and display a proficiency in the techniques that they will learn. Testing is usually between 90-120 days.


Children's and Adolescent's Boxing 


This program is for children and adolescents between the ages of 8-15yrs old. This is a USA boxing olympic style boxing program. In this program the purpose is to educate the young person in the sport of boxing for self defense and or competition related purposes. Students who show a commitment and passion for the sport may and will compete in local and national events. This program is for the serious minded and goal driven young person who is looking for discipline and goal achievement through the sport of boxing.


"I never thought I would ever have put my daughter in karate, let alone mixed martial arts. She's not that interested in sports and she has limited physical abilities. But my daughter is in her third year now at Hudson Valley Bloodline MMA and loves it.  We enjoy the family friendly atmosphere as well as the instructional skills being taught. My daughter enjoys every class and is thriving. Her self confidence and self esteem have built up. Khoury the instructor, is well trained in his skills and he and his team are very personable and enjoy working with the kids. Khoury, and the team are extremely motivational and great mentors for the kids. They help the kids see how mixed martial arts skills uses every part of the body and all senses and how concentration and self disciple are used in daily life. The kids leave each class with a sense of pride and self confidence in their abilities. My daughter looks forward to each class and now encourages her little sister to join as well!"

Manjula P.

Rockland County

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